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Hail and well met friend.

Welcome to thee brave traveler of the internet highways. Rest, take food and drink. Take peace and enjoy the sanctuary of our keep. We are the Brothers and Sisters of Order Swordbruden, Faithful Sword of the Holy Church, guardians of Justice, protectors of the innocent and defenders of the weak and helpless. Stay with us for a time and be comforted, for within these walls there is naught to fear. Once thee has finished looking around please stop back on this page to sign our Guest Book. Just click the red button that says "What is Swordbruden." That will return thee to this parchment, just go to the bottom of this parchment.

Order Swordbruden is the recreation of a Militant Religious Order of Germanic Knights who received their charter from the hand of Pope Innocent III in 1204 a.d. In its present day form, Order Swordbruden has become a world wide group of diverse people stretching from Canada and the U.S., out towards Australia and New Zealand, and reaching all the way to the European communities of Great Britian, to including the mainland with Denmark, Germany, and the Neatherlands. We are dedicated to the preservation and expansion of Honor, Valor, Chivalry, Justice, Truth, Mercy, and Brotherhood through online role playing and modeling in various cyber worlds as well as physical reenactments, demonstrations and gatherings in the real world. Order Swordbruden is not limited to Knights and Warriors, but embraces all those of noble heart, be they Wizard, Cleric, Merchant, or Tradesman. We dedicate ourselves to the preservation of the highest historical and idealized principles of Arthurian legend, the courts of Charlemagne and other equally principled elements of medieval customs and renaissance nobility. We provide a framework of mutual support and respect, training, teaching and loyal friendship for other persons of like mind who wish to explore, enjoy and participate in this rich historical style of living so different from what can be found today.

At the base of our beliefs are the principals of Honor, Valor, Chivalry, Justice, Truth, Mercy, and Brotherhood. Difficult to explain and harder to live by but we strive to employ these values without compromise in our adventuring, our communications and our gatherings. We not only try to live by these values in the real world, but we also strongly encourage it in the gaming world. A brief reading of our Organizational ByLaws, Oath of Honor, Principles of Chivalry Values, and our Role Playing Etiquette, may give a fair, first glimpse of who we are.

If thou doth wish to learn more of the Order Swordbruden, this humble keep has much to share with you. Feel free to extend thy stay and search around the keep. If thou doth wish to petition for admittance to the Order Swordbruden thee may contact Order Meister Sir Sigmund at sir_sigimund@yahoo.com or Order Seneschal Lady Ulric at ladyulric@swordbruden.org and seek additional information.

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