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P age's Oath

I (name) pledge to learn the ways of a knight. To be respectful to all and be attentive to my peers. To learn the fine arts of respecting the ladies and knights of the court. To learn more about the ways of old. I will strive to learn the code of brotherhood and apply it to everyday life. I will live my life with honor and promise to be truthful in all my dealings. This I do swear!

S quire's Oath

I (name) do hearby swear before friends and God that I will uphold the CODE of the Chivalry. To live one's life so that I am found worthy of respect and honor by all. I shall be courteous and attentive to all. I will seek out ways to better myself as well as the brotherhood. To exhibit self discipline and show respect to others, the law, and authority. I always act in an honorable fashion and strive to be honest and truthful in everything I do. To show mercy to enemies and charity where it is needed. I shall promise to never turn my back on those who need my help. I promise to learn more about the brotherhood of Swordbruden. What it really means for friends to make a pact and mean it. In this I so swear!

K night's Oath

I pledge this day to give this oath of Knighthood. As a humble servant I do take this oath freely in front of my fellow peers and God. I promise to follow the Code of Chivalry, to do what is right, even if others will not abide. This code will bind me in the mundane world and all other worlds. I will uphold Honor, Valor, Chivalry, Justice, Truth, Mercy, and Brotherhood, that is the heart and foundation of Order Swordbruden. I shall respect and be courteous to all and act honorable in all things I do. I will remember to be merciful unto all whom I deal with, even unto my enemies.

My Tabard that I don is a Tabard of Valor, for all to see. I will never abandon my friends or allies in need. My shield that I hold is the Shield of Honor, my symbol of Truth and Respect for all others to witness and follow if they dare. The sword that I wield is the Sword of Justice. For I will always seek justice, and dispatch all those that are unjust and evil. Injustice should not, and will not be tolerated.

I vow this date to protect those in need, even if it may cause my death. I will show mercy where mercy is shown. I agree to be able to disagree with my brethren, but the Code of Chivalry will be upheld, and honor will be served in the unity of brotherhood. I know this day forward that my vows can never be broken, for these vows are now part of my heart, soul, and mind. From this day forward I will make Order Swordbruden my brotherhood, and Swordbruden will become my home and shelter.