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A Guide for better playing

C hoose a persona with behavior patterns that you want to play and then be that character. Leave as much RW conversations as possible out of the Order Chat. Confine RW discussions to ICQ or Tele messages. You ARE this Character. You LIVE in Warhammer, Dark Ages of Camelot, or any other online fantasy realm during medieval times. If the game was real life and this was your true persona, how would your character react? Play that out. Be consistent. Thees and Thous, strange accents and different grammar in your speech are fun and add flavor, but are in no way are they required. Whatever you choose to consistent.

H ave a thick hide, be slow to take offense. Communications are difficult, people are away from the keyboard, lagged, stacked, or conversing on ICQ and may never see your message. Try sending the message a couple of times and if it doesn't work, shrug it off. Do not take offense. If you want someone to stop talking to you, tell them that. If that should happen to you, no not take offense, respect and comply with their wishes.

U nderstand because of lag, stacking and differences in typing and language skills, comments may seem out of context, messages may have poor spelling or grammar. Forgive, never deride. Think it was a mistake, or maybe done on purpose to build the characters persona or the author may normally speak another language and doesn't know better.

N ever look at a female character without asking permission first. Some may take offense and consider it rude while others do not. Be free in permitting others to look at you or tell them not to up front. Don't make them guess if it's not ok and then be mad at them. Do not take any other liberties or interaction without permission.
Men, do not kiss, hug, pinch, etc other player characters without leave to do so. Kneeling and kissing or just kissing of the hand is considered acceptable and very proper. Remember we are role playing medieval behaviors of a noble, and what was proper etiquette for that period.
Ladies, remember proper behaviors and know that if liberties are once permitted by you, such approval must be specifically recanted if you wish it stopped. Hugging and kisses on the cheek may have been viewed as bold and flirtatious but are acceptable and it permits or implies nothing more than a friendly greeting. Double entendres, flirtatious speech, feigned naiveté and the like are very acceptable from all unless asked to stop. Then it must cease immediately. The Nobility weren't monks after all, just very hands off in public. True this is only role playing, but remember we also have to deal with RL expectations, characters may have spouses or others that do not understand role-playing and may take offense. You chose to join Swordbruden and agreed to be chivalrous and behave in a knightly, noble fashion. Crass behavior of any kind is not in keeping with this standard and should not be part of your character.

O ffer aid and equipment freely to all whom may need your help. Defending the weak and helpless is a prime mission. Never ask of others for aid that is not truly needed. Accepting help is ok but taking advantage of the generosity of others, misleading or tricking them to give you something or to provide you with an advantage is unbecoming behavior.


S wordbruden is an enactment of medieval and renaissance nobility and chivalry, the best of court behavior from the days of Knights of the Round Table and the like. Play the part, or what you think the part should be. Foul language of the common sort should be avoided. Period cursing and insults are acceptable ie "by God's teeth" or "you goatish clay-brained foot-licker", but not "that sucks", or "damn".

W hile poverty in the game is not expected or particularly encouraged, neither is blatant mercantilism and hoarding of goods. Chivalry is in part charity to those less fortunate, giving of yourself and what you have and generally helping others. Buying a shield for 3,000 gold from someone who unknowingly undervalues it and reselling it for 30,000 simply to earn a profit is not proper behavior from a Knight of Swordbruden.

U nderstand because of lag, stacking and differences in typing and language skills, comments may seem out of context, messages may have poor spelling or grammar. Forgive, never deride. Think it was a mistake, or maybe done on purpose to build the characters persona or the author may normally speak another language and doesn't know better.


On first entry into a game, announce by orderchat: "Hail Swordbruden"

Acknowledge any greetings you receive with personalized responses

When leaving the game, announce by orderchat: "Hail Swordbruden........."

When leaving, if possible, wait a moment or two to see the farewells and good wishes. When others are leaving, be sure to give them a parting message as polite acknowledgement.

All gentlemen should welcome arriving ladies with some measure of courtly flattery, and with manners and well wishes on their departure.

Respond to all friendly greetings and requests to join in your combat, or pleas for help. If they leave before you can respond, tele the greeting. If they ask a question you cannot answer, find someone who can. Do not abandon the supplicant.

Bow/curtsey to all of greater rank, or if a lady, of any rank.

Kneel/curtsey to those at least two ranks higher, or any Royalty.

Clasp arm or bow/curtsey to equals.

Remember, it is always permitted to show more respect than the rank calls for so error to the side of too much.

 Formalized Greetings:

Royalty - Addressed as Her/His Grace, Her/His Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Grace, My King/Queen (Note: There are no royalty within the Order, but in case we do have some visiting royality.)

Our Knight Marshall - Addressed as M'Liege, Liege Lord, Grand and Noble Lady/Sir

Other Knight Marshall can be addressed as Noble Lady, Noble Sir

Saints/Arch Clerics - Addressed as Holiness, Blessed Father/Mother, Noble Father/Mother

Clerics and other priest and healer types - Father/Mother/Padre, Fair Healer, Good Healer

All other ranks - Addressed as Goodpage, Good squire, Fair (name), Good (name), good fellow, friend, neighbour, good neighbour, Master (name), Mistress (name), Matron (name).

If the person is of unknown rank, use m'lady or m'lord as a default.


Hoch Meister

Court nobles holding Order positions (i.e. Regent, ambassador)

Knight Marshall's and or Landmaster, Saints

Paladins, Cardinals

Officers of an order (Pay Master, Squire Master, Page Master, etc.)

Knights, Bishops

Knight-errants, Clergy

Captain, Herald, Scribe

Squires, Healers

Aspirant, Accolytes







W hen addressing equals and those persons who are lower in rank, companions of long acquaintances, or if specifically permitted or requested by them, you may drop honorific titles altogether.


A nnounce your arrival using proper form above when entering an occupied square and wait for an invite to join in the combat.

W atch the battle stats. If person is in distress, give healing aid without being asked. Exception is if the player is a STxxx character. (A class of characters specifically requesting no aid be rendered under any circumstances) If aid is not sufficient, and character is a female, enter into combat immediately to rescue. Announce "Flee milady and I will hold thy assailant at bay." Or some such statement. Extreme caution should be used with this though as many may take offense at being rescued and see it as interference. Use good judgement.

I f the person is Swordbruden, immediately enter fight after healing them, then stand on the field of battle until invited to join in the attack. If the character is taking heavy blows and if his/her life status is in red immediately join in combat to help/rescue.

I f you have called others to a battle to help you or you yourself are called to aid another, you may not quit until the NPC is dead, the goal has been achieved or all present agree to abandon the mission. If you should die in the combat, immediately return to the battle site to heal there, and reenter the battle ASAP, even if you know you will simply die again. Do not expect others to fight your battles for you.

I f you have simply joined an adventuring party and have died, and you do not intend to continue with the party on resurrection, you are expected to notify that party and tell them you will not be returning.

S hare the kills with others. Do not hog all the combat and kill in three swings what it might take them 15 swings to do. Let others who may be weaker have equal access. In multiple NPC combat, divide the opponents equally or equitably. Stand by ready to heal them if needed. You are expected to assist in the training of others and to encourage them as they fight.

I n PvP, NEVER loot the opponent even if it is allowed. The combat is a challenge, or matter of honor, not to be a sport for profit. . Honorable challenges and wagers are permitted.

N ever lure another to PK valley or lands were PK is acceptable by deceitful or misleading means. Refer any behavior that you think SHOULD result in KILLING a player and looting them, (Over and over again until they leave in Warhammer, Dark Ages of Camelot, or any other online fantasy realm in frustration), to a Knight Marshall, or any other officer of the order for proper Administration of Justice. NEVER back stab, it is decidedly un-knightly and unworthy of a member of Order Swordbruden. Do not get trapped in arguments of situational ethics. For Swordbruden Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. Ends do not justify the means. This code and stance on ethics is what sets us above the common rabble.

A lways be ready and willing to give your life for the defense of a lady, a friend or another order member. All members of Swordbruden are family and should be defended and cherished as such. This is the real strength of Swordbruden. Abandon all personal plans, quests or interests to come to the aid of another if they call for help. They will for you. Call for aid only in extreme need, as you will be pulling others from what they want to do. Be free in inviting others to join you in adventuring but do not take offence if they choose not to join as they may have other plans and it is improper to create such obligations.


A LL looted gold from the dead creature, when not invited into the combat is to be turned over to the person aided. The body is to be looted and ALL items will be recovered by you and dropped for their inspection. If you can, services of reveal shall be offered free of charge. Only after they refuse the item, can you keep it.

I f the rescue was unsuccessful and the person dies, Kill and loot the NPC, then guard the items. Tele the fallen person that you are holding their square, gold and treasure for their return. If and only if released may you keep it.

A ll invited combats.... Gold looted by you is to be divided equally with all persons present in the square regardless of contribution to the battle unless previous agreements have been made. Unequal shares? Yours is always the smallest. Weapon /Armor looting and subsequent sales should also be shared equally. On specific items that you may wish keep, the owner of body has first right of refusal.

Gifts to non-Swordbruden persons shall be without strings or conditions and all rights to that item permanently waved. There are no residual obligations or expectations.

Resale of Items:

Freely giving unwanted or items not needed to others instead of selling them, (especially to newbies), is strongly encouraged.

O f prime importance in your duties is to see that all in Swordbruden are properly equipped with the best items available, both armor and weapons. Prior to sale, all Swordbruden, or the official armoror, shall be polled as to if they could use the item as an upgrade. If so, it is to be given freely to them. The recipient shall return the poorer item to the original owner, or if it was originally yours, given without a future claim in exchange for the upgrade with the knowledge it will be sold and he/she will receive no cash.

I tems supplied to you by others in Swordbruden shall be carefully noted as to from who and when in your records. Those items are to be returned to the original owner when they are no longer wanted or needed. They should not be sold on the open market without specific release to do so. In those cases were the release is given, 75% of the proceeds shall be given to the original owner, 25% retained as a brokerage fee. Items that have been altered in description and Icon to fit the Swordbruden Standard Uniform shall not be resold as is, but they shall have all insignia and descriptions changed at your expense and effort so as to be no longer Swordbruden standard issue.

Game Specific for Warhammer, Dark Ages of Camelot, or any other online fantasy realm

S ac all dropped and unwanted items before leaving the square. Leaving a clutter of items laying around only bogs down the game. If you discover abandoned items in a room, sac what you do not want before leaving.

S end greetings of congratulations when character promotions are announced. Something like "Congratulations on thy promotion Squire XXX. I and all in Swordbruden do salute thee."

P lease remember these are general thoughts and ideas for good role playing Etiquette. Only one or two items are set in stone, all others were written down to be used as a guide for general role playing and giving you a idea how to better role play. The more you put into the role playing the more fun you can and will have. If you like further ideas you can contact Hock Meister Sir Sigmund at or Order Seneschal Lady Ulric